London Themed Home Style Guide

London Themed Home Style Guide

Tara Dickinson
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Hello and cheers mate! Today we’re looking into two different types of decorating guides for bringing in some British and contemporary London style into your home. To make note right off the bat: the modern London interior has become less rigid than its classic foundational structures, but not to go as far as being bohemian either. It is truly and elegantly a balance of old and new.



This style is a more sophisticated look that comes from the emergence of a combined contemporary and historical theme that has been sweeping the city over the last several years. It is mixing some of the classic elements of old London style:

With the new rendition of modern design:

  • Timeless elegance
  • Enduring
  • Current contemporary fashion trends that will stand the test of time.


Architectural Features

We’re looking here at London interior elements that are truly classic, and then how they are combined or updated with some modern flair.


  • Bay windows
  • Panelling
  • Fireplaces
  • Staircases


This updated decor style has emerged because it appeals to a more diverse market, one that is a bit younger and appreciates softly stated luxury and culture rather than just fashion and decor that is trendy. This merging of the two is the artistry that makes up modern London style.

  • Fireplaces are updated to contemporary styles.
  • Simple cornicing is used to conceal window treatment workings.
  • Decorative cornice is painted the same color as the walls- keeping ornamentation in the background and understated.
  • Upholstered paneled walls with elegant brass detailing.


No matter what flooring your London inspired home or apartment has, it’s about what covers it. In the case of modern London style it means soft and silky texture in your wall-to-wall carpet or area rugs. Preferred mixes are silk and wool. Patterns range from subtle to textured to modern abstract. Using some hints of modern material such as metallic threads, sisal, hand-tufted silks, or cashmere is all part of incorporating ‘new’ into traditional classics.


Historically the London color palette has been well defined in a certain range of cool, neutral shades that promote a calm and subdued mood.

  • Blue first and foremost- from light blue, to navy blue, to any blue in-between the two.
  • Neutral greys.

The new additions being brought in for an updated modern look include shades of the following:

  • Warmer neutrals.
  • Dusky pink in a variety of warm tones as well.
  • Accents in greens- focal pieces in richer tones.

International Furniture

The elements of modern London furniture started with these traditional themes:

  • Decorative carvings.
  • Heavy wood dressers and bookcases.
  • Rich fabrics.

Modern London design is taking into account more refined elements and marrying the two styles which are more attractive to the electric market that is filling London city. It feels to be a fine mixture of European minimalism with hints of updated Art Deco.

  • Deliberate lines.
  • Finely finished, sculpted furnishings.
  • Understated modern.
  • Simplification of design- for example, classic piping and nail-head trim but used in a toned down manner, allowing slim design to still shine.
  • Pair a rounded couch with a contemporary coffee table.
  • Place marble side tables next to tailored chairs.
  • Statement art is hung near minimally decorated cabinets or other storage type units.


The music, art, and creativity that flows all throughout London have definitely found their way into interior decor. Accents and art pieces in London homes are deliberate, from abstract art to dynamic sculptures and textural objects. These elements can be installed to become part of your London-themed decor.

  • Large-scale sculptures.
  • Custom display units for unique art.
  • Artistic and elaborate mirrors can also be looked at as part of the art collections.
  • Modern coffee table books are stacked with deliberate attention.
  • Hand-finished vases, boxes, and elegant bowls.

Choose vintage and modern collections of artwork that fits in with your already curated pace.


Switching now to all things “England, London, and British” in flair. This type of London-inspired decor is for the population that is in love with the famous historic elements, landmarks, and foundational attractions that call England home. Use any or all of these elements listed below to make any room of your home feel like it’s part of the famous city.


Wall Murals & Other London Decor Elements

Adding stick-on artworks, wallpaper, or murals of any of these images will make you feel like you’ve jumped across the pond and landed in the big city.


  • Big Ben- the Westminster’s Elizabeth Clock Tower (aka Big Ben). This is a classic image that will always work.
    • For accent decor, any London-themed clock would make a nice touch.
    • Such as a clock modeled after the ones in Victoria Station which are industrial and elegant.

  • Union Jack- as the national flag of the United Kingdom is called, is an excellent accent to immediately bring a pop of eye-catching London décor right into the home. This element of regal flair can be matched with any other British monarchy decor to make your home feel like a royal palace.

  • The Underground- add Metro décor with a full-sized poster of the London Underground’s map.
  • Double-Decker- only in London will we always find these unique bold red buses. Use artistic photos of these against a grey cityscape mural and other neutral tones in your textiles (curtains upholstery, bedding).

  • Red Phone Booths- want a bit of quirky London scenery; a red telephone booth decal on one of your doors. This fun design will instantly transform a room.

Color: Greys, Blues, & Blacks

Greys, blues, and blacks are the colors that bring the romantic London rainy days to live in your home.

  • A hint of red makes a perfect British impression (think double-decker buses, the soldiers at the palace gate, the London phone booths…).
  • Black mimics the London taxicabs.
  • Intersperse bright reds with grey or white backgrounds.


Bricks are an extremely common element in British design, especially in big cities like London. Accentuate any bricks you might already have in your home’s design. Another great option is to use brick textured brick wallpaper.


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