Love Lighthouses? Here’s Your Home Decor Guide

Love Lighthouses? Here’s Your Home Decor Guide

Tara Dickinson
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Lighthouse Inspired Decorating Ideas

Perched on coastal shores around the world, lighthouse towers have been safely guiding seafaring folks for centuries. Tall structures designed to emit patterns of light that reach far out into surrounding waters acting as beacons and navigational aids for maritime aviators. The enduring appeal of these now mostly historic sites continues to touch generations through possibly their mystique and location of such dramatic history over the years. So motivated by the symbolism of light and hope, many people enjoy decorating their homes in lighthouse-inspired decor. Taking a look into the fascination of these lonely buildings protecting travelers from dangerous coastlines while also guiding ships to safety, let’s dive into lighthouse home decor.

Lighthouse Symbolism

More than literal navigational tools, lighthouses have long been powerful symbols. Often used in literature and art, some of the symbolic meanings of lighthouses are:

  • End of a Journey
  • Guidance
  • Hope
  • Life
  • Navigation
  • Strength
  • Safety

The strength symbology comes from the lone tower standing on the edge of a cliff top, continuously being battered by the sea yet always enduring. And while facing the elements, lighthouses are also signs of safety, literal guiding lights. Acting as a source of hope for people who had been lost at sea, the guiding light symbolism aids people in staying the course in their lives, following their strong moral convictions.

LighthousesIncorporating Lighthouse Inspiration Into Home Decor

By bringing in lighthouse home design elements, people find this a tangible way to feel surrounded by these symbols of inspiration and hope. Plus the love of nautical and beach home decor colors, textures, and accents always imparts a welcome, relaxed, and refreshing atmosphere. Whether you want a full-blown miniature lighthouse home (as seen in the article photos) or desire more subtle inflections of lighthouse decor, let’s look at the ways you can incorporate this nautical theme. There are a few different overall styles that include:

  • Nantucket Coastal Lighthouse– is a more traditional, classic, comfortable, and timeless look.
  • Nautical Style Lighthouse– has the feel of being at sea without a boat.
  • Cottage Lighthouse Style- goes for a more beach-inspired decor guide that you can find here. 


Colors painted physically on lighthouses across the US tend to be red and white. Add in the blue of the surrounding oceans and those are your many colors for lighthouse-inspired decor. But around the world, additional colors are incorporated into lighthouse structures, so don’t feel too minted.

Because lighthouses are associated with coastal locations, the palette of your home when decorating in this theme will want to match those shades. Colors that reflect the seashore, the cliffs or rocks, the ocean, and the sky. Since paint is such an affordable, and versatile material it’s one of the best ways to begin your lighthouse home transformation.

  • White: sets the foundation to build upon your lighthouse-themed decor. Bringing light and openness to any space. Try shades of creams, tans, and off-whites as well.
  • Blue: at the heart of a nautical lighthouse home, blue will most likely be the predominant color, from walls to furnishings, to accents. Feel open to using all shades of blue that make up the beautiful tones of the surrounding water and sky. Combined with clean whites, it gives off a refreshing and grounding feeling.
  • Red: this will be mostly seen in lighthouse accents and accessories here and there. Not usually a main overarching color.
  • Tan: beige, brown, sand. These hues also bring the earthiness of the rocks, cliffs, and hillsides of lighthouse locations into your home.

Lighthouse Wall Decor

Once your color foundation is set you can immediately make a lighthouse-themed room with just one installation: a wall mural.

  • A mural in any room will certainly make it a focal point and no need for much of anything else than comfortable appropriate furniture and a few accents here and there.
  • The technology available in wallpaper or printed canvas large-scale photos can have a lighthouse from any corner of the nation placed instantly into your home.
  • Another option is a few tastefully framed, lighthouse coastal scenes of weathered-looking images.

Lighthouse Floor Decor

  • Rustic wood floors using reclaimed wood would fit perfectly into this type of theme.
  • White-washed wood planks or such would as well.
  • You get the idea… floors that have seen the test of time, salt, and sea.
  • Top with area rugs featuring a lighthouse theme if the room allows it (don’t want to get too kitschy).
  • Or any throw rug made from natural materials and fibers, raw and rustic looking would add to the lighthouse ambiance.

Lighthouse Furniture

  • Furniture with wood-based foundations and cushions that are covered in textured and hardy upholstery is the type of sofas and chairs that would be found in a nautical-style home such as this.
  • Painted white wood side tables, small dressers, or cabinets are additional furniture items that fill out this decor theme.
  • An accent chair with a lighthouse-motif fabric is another example of how to add this theme to your room.
  • Other nautical items such as steamer trunks, rustic wood tables or desks, and distressed leather furnishings would look perfect in a lighthouse-decorated room.
  • Antique furnishings that might have once found homes in the lighthouses of America (or imitations) are other types of furniture pieces you’ll want to include.

Lighthouse Lighting

Adding lighting fixtures that are embellished with a hint of sea influence will make a statement in your lighthouse home decor. Lamps, pendants, and floor lights using twine, brass, wicker, or glass are all good examples.

  • Lighting pieces with the nautical style of brass or rope embellishments that are associated with the seafaring trade will fit right in.
  • Keep drapery and shades on the lighter side, nothing ornate or heavy.
  • Naked windows are best where possible.
  • Small table lamps come in many many different shapes mimicking lighthouses. Place these on counters, accent furniture pieces, desks, and side tables to add to the overall decor theme.
  • Flameless candles, lanterns, and luminarias impart soft shadows in the evening hours that also work with this style of decorating.

Lighthouse Accessory Decor

Because lighthouses are so popular there is an abundance of related home accents you can find in this theme. But to keep your home looking classy and not overwhelming, be mindful of finding the right balance by not adding too many accents that create a sea of clutter. You want the special items to stand out.

  • Layer related lighthouse decor elements in one place can impart the right tone, such as a dresser top with a lighthouse statue, some driftwood, and a container rocks.
  • Choose your accessories that really spark interest; maybe pieces with some history or salvaged from a lighthouse town.
  • Vintage items are available from the U.S. Lighthouse Service, such as books and paperwork owned by lighthouse personnel, dinnerware from the homes of the lighthouse keepers, oil cans, photographs, and schematics.
  • Tidal clocks are especially popular as they come in renditions from every lighthouse around the country.


Seeing light on the horizon has meanings of literal and physical significance. Creating the feeling of a safe harbor in your home by incorporating a lighthouse decor theme can have a truly comforting and welcoming effect. Let the majesty of these mighty towers and their history influence your creativity in your lighthouse design project!





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