Home Decor Guide Focused On Pets

Home Decor Guide Focused On Pets

Tara Dickinson
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Design Hacks to Make Your Home Pet Friendly & Stylish

For many fur baby parents, their pets are like their children, very cherished and immensely loved. Wanting to create the most comfortable, playful, and safe home environment while maintaining your chosen decor style can be a challenge but one that is absolutely doable. And if outfitted properly, a beautiful home design with your pet's needs in mind also simplifies the entire task of caring for your companions.

  • The aesthetic goal is to designate pet areas that blend perfectly into your home’s decor.
  • Such as a stylish perch area by a window in the entryway for pets to sit and look out the window.
  • Well-designed hidden napping nooks and beds for pets.
  • Built-in bathing stations in your laundry room.
  • Pet supply storage solutions that work with your decor.
  • Each step adds up to provide a safe and secure home for the pets while helping you bypass any clutter and mess.

All in all, these details are about practicality, efficiency, and tasteful decoration.


Designated Space

Do you have the space in your apartment or home to designate as your pet's personal area? If yes, this is one of the easiest solutions when you begin your pet design outline. If not, there are many other ways to incorporate places for your pets to feel like they have ownership of a space.

  • According to your pet’s personality, what do they most require? Windows; outdoor areas; a cat or dog house; darker hidden away spots; a bed in the family room surrounded by people?
  • You know your pet’s personality and will be able to ascertain where they will most feel comfortable and supported when setting up their living and play areas.
  • For example, pets that enjoy quiet time, a calm area of your home, such as the home office, home gym, garage, or underneath the stairs, can be the ideal location for their home base.


Floors are a big-ticket item and an important one to consider, especially if you have large pets or lots of them. Even the best trained animals have accidents so the easier your floor is to clean the happier everyone will be in the long run. Any type of durable flooring is going to be your best bet.

  • Ceramic tile (stain-resistant and easy to clean).
  • Hardwood floors (go for scratch-resistant).
  • Laminate is another popular choice.
  • Polished concrete floors (easy to clean).
  • Avoid porous materials like natural stone. 


Carpet is pretty much a no-no. They absorb pet odors, urine, and shedding fur. If you want some softness on your floors, choosing throw rugs is your best choice.

  • Inexpensive area rugs give you the freedom to change up the look seasonally or whenever you want a decor refresh (or if Fido has a bad accident).
  • Rugs with patterns or a design scape will hide pet fur between vacuum days.
  • Make sure to add a non-slip pad underneath so zooming fur babies won’t slip and fall.
  • Shop second-hand for a more environmentally conscious choice.

Furniture & Fabrics

Pet-friendly furniture is definitely something to consider depending on the type of pets (and the number of pets) you own. Looking at the options:

  • Leather is durable and easy to clean but if your pets scratch it will show up.
  • Upholstered sofas and such are best covered in fabrics that can accept some abuse.
  • Chair and sofa slipcovers also make for a good investment.
  • Ultrasuede is a machine-washable microfiber that is yet another good alternative.
  • Pro Tip: if you can choose a color that is similar to the same color as your pet's fur bonus!
  • And if your animals are truly feisty and like to express themselves, better to move your higher-quality furniture to rooms they might not visit as often (i.e. make your bathroom or bedroom a more luxurious space for humans).

Creative Storage

Keeping your different pet's accessories organized is an entirely helpful endeavor on a daily basis. From toys to food, to health needs, and more your pets can acquire a lot of items that you’ll need to keep organized to keep your sanity. There are many stylish options that can fit in with any decor style while making your pet’s organizing needs look fabulous.

  • Designate a specific bin in one area of the home for your pet’s toys. That way they can personally access it when they want to play while also keeping things from being underfoot and a danger to others in the home.
  • Customizable cubby cubes.
  • Shelving units.
  • Wicker or wire baskets.

Pet Nooks

Just like their human parents, dogs and cats also love little hidden special nooks to feel safe and cozy in.

  • Carving out a space in your home for a hideaway nook will make your pet extremely happy.
  • Setting up comfy bedding in their nook provides a sense of security and comfort to animals who enjoy smaller spaces.
  • Such an area can fit in under the stairs, between a wall and a couch, under a cabinet unit, or for cats above a shelf or piece of furniture.
  • Remember, cat hideouts can be built vertically.

Laundry Room Pet Additions

A built-in station for pet bath time is a true money and stress saver. This will save you cash on trips to the pet groomers and will save your animal the stress of those trips.

  • Removable shower head sprayers are ideal additions.
  • Install a good drain to the tub or shower area so you can remove and clean it after each use.
  • Another clever idea is the pet bowls in a drawer option as seen in the second photo below.

Vertical Areas For Cats

Since cats are natural climbers, securing their resting and play area up on a wall, near a window, or above some shelving will make them oh so happy.

  • You might need the help of an experienced handyperson to make sure your structures are safely secured to the walls.
  • Resilient materials that can hold up to scratches, animal biting and chewing, and the occasional accident are optional choices.
  • These installations can also take on an artistic wall art look if you use a little creativity. They can even become a room’s focal point.

Backyards & Outdoors Areas

For your feline companions, the new “catios” are wonderful additions for your inside babies. This custom-made patio house for cats (catio) offers your little ones access to the outdoors while roaming safely and giving them more freedom and enjoyment of nature. Other outdoor additions to provide a safe space for your pets include:

  • Yard fences.
  • Bush or solid material walls
  • Shade trees, gardens, and other jungle areas for pets to roam and explore.
  • Pet houses.
  • Lots of pet toys.



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