Egyptian Home Style Guide

Egyptian Home Style Guide

Tara Dickinson
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Royal, timeless, elegant...words to describe the heart of an Egyptian themed home. These elements come together through use of color first and foremost. Then by adding textures, solid furnishings, and an abundance of Egyptian focused accents, an opulent atmosphere is created. The Egyptian culture is mysterious, still keeping secrets from us all these thousands of years later. Bringing the essence of this rich, ancient culture into your home will create an atmosphere of historic intrigue.Egyptian


Bold rich shades and contrasting neutral color palettes are the foundational essence of Egyptian style decor.

  • Deep and vibrant shades of blue- represents royalty
  • Browns
  • Reds
  • Oranges and yellows
  • Metallic golds

Cover walls in a main color theme and then incorporate accent colors to balance it out, often with neutrals if you're going bold. Or choose sand toned hues of light brown and beiges to induce a warm ambiance. This lighter toned backdrop allows placement of vivid upholstery and Egyptian themed accents.


The textures and materials used in building interior home decor in ancient Egypt included:

  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Reeds

 How to put all these elements together to create a perfectly balanced Egyptian themed room? One example looks like:

  • Wood- side table with wood base.
  • Marble- add a marble top to this side table.
  • Metallic- maybe with some gold trim.
  • Stone- display a statue made of stone.
  • Reeds- place a vase full of reeds on the table as well, or if large enough, place nearby in a more significant sized stand.


Avoid modern and light-colored furniture.

Living room- oversized pieces such as a large dark leather couch is perfect.

  • Dark wood tones.
  • Multiple chairs for seating.
  • Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise.

  • Furniture is geometric in shape.
  • Detailed ornamentation on the corners and edges.
  • Flat surfaces adorned with gilded inlays, colored enamel, or geometric reliefs.

Bedroom- Typically the Egyptian bed style was a large four-poster bed with an ornate headboard.

Black, white, and gold are the most classic color combinations to create a simple yet elegant Egyptian room with a clean look. And you definitely want to add Egyptian accents to the bedroom but in a deliberate fashion without overwhelming the space.


Typically crafted out of silk and Egyptian cotton, these fabrics are solidly colored and usually void of any ornate patterns.

Tables- Egyptian sculptural tables showcase thematic art and are an excellent way to decorate with unique pieces that are also functional decor. Examples include:

  • Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table- depictions of the Egyptian feline goddess of joy and using the royal colors of the ancient Egyptian palette.
  • Egyptian Goddess Eset Glass Topped Table- fine details and metallic accents.
  • Horus, the Egyptian god of hunting, war, and sky table.

Lighting & Lamps

Depending on the ambiance and atmosphere you want to create will denote your choice of lighting options. If a particular space needs a touch of Egyptian decor, sculptural lamps with Egyptian Goddess can be an easy way to insert Far East style into the area. Smaller sculptural lamps can be displayed on side tables, next to beds, or in any sitting area.

Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes

Full, heavy drapes that fall the entire length of the wall around your windows is part of an Egyptian themed room. The drapes can be either dark bold colors, even black, or they can be more neutral and sandy tan in color. It will depend on what paint colors you have chosen.

  • Install the curtain rod near the ceiling; gives the illusion of a larger space.
  • Secure drapes with decorative tassel ties.
  • Heavy curtains pair well with vintage furniture in strong colors.


Egyptian accents will completely tie the room together and bring in that element of classic, royal Egyptian style. The fine details of this type mysterious and symbolic art imparts a regalness in any room.

  • Small statues of Egyptian deities.
  • Jet black and golden metallic sculptures.
  • Egyptian statuary work.
  • Art with themes of papyrus scrolls, hieroglyphics, and striking figurines.
  • Eye of Horus Vessel
  • Decorative treasure boxes
  • Clocks
  • Greenery used sparingly for a hit of freshness and lively color.

Decorative Throw Pillows

Egyptian decorative throw pillows give you the dimension of having textiles plus softness and comfort with an element of artistic expression. Try placing an odd number of throw pillows for a creative look. Experiment with different shapes and textures to achieve the ideal arrangement.

Wall Art & Carvings

Egyptian hand carved wall hangings have a truly ancient feel and look about them. Coming usually in only sandstone colors, these intricate ornaments bring a piece of ancient Egypt’s past into your home.


“[Egyptian] tapestry trimmings were woven with indigenous designs. Recurring motifs related to the ancient Egyptian funerary cult of Osiris and included the grape vine or ivy and the wine amphora. These motifs were considered appropriate to burial robes because of their relevance to revival in a life after death. Other favourite subjects were the hunter on horseback, boy-warriors, desert animals (especially the lion and the hare), creatures of mythology, dancing figures, and baskets of fruits and flowers. “- Britannica


Egypt has deep roots in the beautiful craftsmanship of ceramics and pottery. These crafts began as functional pieces but after a time turned to decorative as well. Adding a piece of Egyptian pottery is a way to bring the cultural heritage of this ancient history into the present.


Dreaming of swaying palm trees while riding a camel across golden sands to your personal Egyptian oasis, filled with whispers of Pharaohs, Queens, and King Tutankhamun? Then the style guide for Egyptian decor will help you turn your home into an ancient world filled with echoes of hieroglyphic characters and rooms filled with lapis lazuli and shimming gold. ​Let the mystery of the Egyptian tombs steer you down the Nile of your own imagination while you enjoy the process of decorating your home in this royal decor style.


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