Beach Themed Rooms

Beach Themed Rooms

Tara Dickinson
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Home Decor Ideas To Make Every Day Feel Like Summer


The relaxing ambiance of the ocean, the sand, the warm sun- the essence of the beach brought into your home creates an oasis of daily calm. Evoking vacation vibes, a summer state of mind can be yours all year round by incorporating beach decor, sand and sky colors, and seaside holiday accents. Reflecting these aspects from nature results in a setting that calls for rest and rejuvenation with a touch of fun. From nautical themed with stripes, stars, boats, and sails, to sea life of fish, dolphins, clams, and other underwater animals; there’s a beach style that's perfect for your personal style.



Sand & Sea

This concept starts with a base of sandy tones, such as warm ivory walls. Then add sea colored elements in shades of blue and teal on throw pillows, area rugs, and glass decor. A classic beachy style includes natural looking wood and soft furniture covered in beiges, whites, or pastels.


Black Sand

At the opposite end of the beach spectrum is the black volcanic sand colored beach vide.  Place a base of dark colored matte paint on the walls and then add rattan accessories, linen fabrics, and a variety of natural flora. Allow light to flow in with breezy curtains and open windows. Natural wood furniture works in this setting too. Create a glowing nighttime ambience with fairy string lights, multiple lantern candles, or several soft lighting fixtures.

BeachSunshine State of Mind

Bring the sunshine in with the yellow, orange, and red palette tones. Be generous with lush houseplants. Then add a statement piece of vibrant wall art. A patterned area rug ties this sunshine beach together in a bold way.

Bold Island Patterns

There's a way to embrace beachy motifs, palm prints, and a bold color theme that doesn't feel ostentatious. An island-inspired room can feel playful and modern. A white foundation keeps it simple, while plenty of variety in textures and beachy décor make it an example of upgraded island style.

Blue Lagoon

Let the energy of a full coastal calm take over within a room colored floor to ceiling in blue. Explore a wide range of blue tones: clear blues, deep blues, pale blues. Don’t be intimidated by over doing your blue. Play with it in the furniture, accents, and floor coverings as well. Balance it out with natural elements from nature: white shells, brown driftwood, green plants.


We’re looking to recreate the feeling of carefree beach days in your personal home environment. To do this in a living room space, using a palette of soothing blue, sand, and white tones will begin the venture right off the bat. For a coastal charming seaside cottage look, with an airy and inviting temperature, decorate with seaside accessories like beach glass, seashells, soft furnishings in calming whites, washed-out denim and cool shades of blue. A weathered, faded look is the essence of coastal interiors.

Furniture: change up the normal layout with smaller loveseats and chairs versus large couches. Use a mixture of cool shades of blues, calming whites, and weathered browns, in comfy soft furnishings. A faded from salt and sea look is the essence of coastal interiors.


A modern minimalist look works wonderfully in beach themed kitchens. By keeping the decor to simple elements, the space will continue to feel light, airy, and present a laid back beachy vibe. A modern coastal kitchen combines several of these elements.

Trending in coastal decor right now:

  • Sea-glass backsplash.
  • Rattan pendant lights.
  • White rattan chairs.
  • Bistro counter chairs.
  • Striped folding beach counter chairs.
  • Striped rugs.
  • Palm decor.
  • Scallop tiles- also called fish scale tiles.
  • Open shelving- feels light and airy.
  • Navy colored cabinets- works in spaces with a lot of light.
  • Light and dark shades mixed together.
  • Glass cabinets displaying colorful tableware.


Coastal style has a timeless look that can be easily adapted to suit your own tastes. Bring the seaside to your bedside by setting the stage with wall color. Choose the perfect backdrop for your personality. Are the walls colored whiter-than-white, a cream based shade, or a grey stormy tone? Building from there, you can then choose plenty of other natural colours such as whites, greys, misty greens, sea blues, sand, and driftwood browns.

To keep the feeling fresh yet laid-back, weathered wood furniture or furniture painted white is ideal. Add accents of baskets, woven rugs, and colored throw cushions to soften the simple toned palette. Embrace the coastal inspired style with nautical motif wall decor, storm lanterns, and driftwood art.


Other Looks:

  • Contemporary island look with azure blues.
  • Vintage beach bedroom with antique finds.
  • Natural sun-bleached paired with stripes.

Coastal Furnishings

A summer cottage can also become a place where furniture hand-me-downs end up finding a new home. To update any giveaways, paint them in beachy colors to achieve a coastal look. Teal color, bright yellow, with possibly a sea creature stencil texture.


  • Accent a beachy bedroom with the perfect seashell night light. It truly brings a cozy glow to your bedroom.
  • A decorative oval rope mirror is an idyllic piece for a beachy bedroom.
  • A wall of photos in pastel painted wood frames.
  • Nautilus seashell table lamps.

Beach Heaven

Sandy beaches, salty ocean breezes, soothing waters of blue; these sights, smells, and sounds infuse our cells with joy and feelings of relaxation. Thankfully it’s easy to bring that beach summer enjoyment into your everyday life with the right colors, weathered furnishings, and coastal inspired accents.




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